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almandine garnet



Galacticgarnet is a natural mineral abrasive, reddish/pink in colour, predominantly almandite consisting of sub-angular particles mined from an alluvial resource.


Galacticgarnet is the abrasive of choice for all water jet cutting and abrasive blasting applications. It is also used as an alternative to aluminium oxide for general cleaning, deburring and decorative finishing. Its unusually attractive colour lends itself to decorative and architectural uses as well.


  • Produces a rough, uniform, matte finish with a sharp texture.

  • The grain shape and high bulk density result in a fast cutting and stripping abrasive.

  • May be disposed of in non-hazardous waste dumping sites unless contaminated with other hazardous materials.

  • Can be recycled up to five times without loss of performance, resulting in lower shipping, handling, collection and disposal costs.

  • Blast cleaning using garnet produces significantly lower dust emissions than other blast abrasives - resulting in minimal disruption and danger to adjoining operations, improved operator visibility, and lower cleanup costs.

Technical Data

  • Hardness: 7.8 – 8 Moh scale

  • Specific weight: Approx. 4.1 g/cm³

  • Bulk weight: Approx. 2.3 kg / L

  • Free silica: < 1 %

  • Chlorides: < 30 ppm

  • Conductivity: < 25mS/m ISO 11127

  • Storage: Dry, sheltered storage conditions

  • Packaging: 2T bulk bags or unitized 25kg bags


  • Si02: 33%

  • Fe2O3: 33%

  • Ti0: 1%

  • AI2O3: 23%

  • CaO: 4 %

  • MgO: 4%

  • MnO2: 1%



The advantages of using garnet vs. traditional slag products in abrasive sandblasting applications are well documented, i.e. lower abrasive consumption per square metre cleaned, lower dust, less dumping costs to name a few of the advantages.



Our alluvial almandine garnet enables us to deliver a consistent grade of garnet in terms of product purity and quality. This ensures consistent flow and feed presented to the focusing tube resulting in a high quality performance both in cutting speed and edge quality.

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