We offer quick, short term no credit check loans against valuables including vehicles, property, jewellery, luxury watches, fine art, antiques, yachts, aircraft and more regardless of your credit history.

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A poor credit recored or blacklisting may have held you back from getting money from your bank or other financial institutes. Thankfully your credit record is irrelevant to us because we secure all our loans against your assets and luxury goods which we keep in our possession until the amount is paid back. If the amount is not paid back we simply sell the asset to recover the loan.

With Liquidity you can rest assured that your assets will be appraised by experts in their fields. Should you agree to our leave them with us they will enjoy the benefits of world class security to.

Liquidity’s offerings include Personal Asset Loans, Commercial Asset Loans and Bridging Finance.

Commercial Asset Loan

Secure a loan of R10 000 upwards in as little as 24 hours using your commercial assets as security.

Collateral Loans

Secure a loan of R5000 upwards in as little as 24 hours using your personal assets as security.

Bridging Finance

Get up to 50% of available funds released on property transactions.

Property Term Loan

Release up to 50% of the value of your property quickly and discreetly for the short to medium term.